Killer Mike: ‘I Wish Those Folks in that Church Had Been Armed’


On June 18, President Obama called for Hollywood celebrities to join him in pushing gun control in the wake of the Charleston attack but not every celebrity is falling in line.

For example, Run the Jewels rapper Killer Mike took a completely different track on June 18 by tweeting that he wished the “folks in that church had been armed” when the attacker rose up against them.

Killer Mike tweeted: “What happened in Charleston is an act of terror committed by a terrorist. Simple & plain. I wish those folks in that church had been armed.”

When some of his followers reacted by casting guns as the problem rather than the solution and suggesting even more people may have been harmed if church-goers had been armed, Killer Mike responded by pointing to those armed at NRA meetings and said, “I know no one attacks NRA meetings. Wonder why?

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