Manhunt Launched as Suspected Iran-Backed Islamist Terrorists Sneak into Britain on Migrant Boats: Report

THE ENGLISH CHANNEL, ENGLAND - AUGUST 24: In this aerial view, A boat carrying around 50 migrants drifts into English waters after being escorted by a French emergency tug, the Abeille Normandie (L) and the MCS Taku, a British vessel used to collect discarded dinghies (R), from the French coastline …
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British security services are reportedly conducting an urgent manhunt for six suspected Iranian-backed Islamist terrorists who broke into the country on migrant boats launched from the beaches of France.

Last month, agents for the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly referred to as MI6, stationed in Damascus, Syria reportedly discovered a terror plot with the “mission to target the Government” of the UK.

Despite discovering the alleged plot, six men with ties to Islamist terror groups linked to the planned attack were able to surreptitiously enter the country by boarding people-smuggler-operated migrant boats in France and cross the English Channel, whereupon they would have likely been brought ashore by British Border Force, as is typically the case.

According to a report from The Express newspaper, three of the suspected terrorists are currently under surveillance, however, the other three have gone missing after using fake IDs.

An intelligence source told the paper: “The information indicates that these ­people are terrorists planning to attack government buildings in England, Scotland and Wales.

“Although they arrived without identification, we believe all are now in possession of false documents.

“They plan to commit an act which embarrasses the Government. This could mean damaging a building or even a close-proximity cyber attack, though we do not anticipate this is a mass-casualty event.”

The revelation of a potential active terror plot comes just days after Britain’s Supreme Court ruled against the government’s scheme to send illegal boat migrants to Rwanda for their asylum claims to be judged offshore rather than allowing them to remain in the country during the process.

According to the Express report, anti-terror intelligence chiefs have expressed concern over the likely lengthy court battles often required to remove illegals from the country, including terrorists. It is believed that at least 25 people suspected of belonging to terror groups have entered the country illegally so far this year.

In February, it was revealed that the deportation of 53 foreign-born terrorists, with ISIS jihadis and attempted suicide bombers among their ranks, was blocked by the Strasbourg-based European Court for Human Rights, which the UK remains bound by despite Brexit as it is technically a separate institution from the EU.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has so far failed in delivering on his pledge to “stop the boats”, has come under heavy criticism for refusing to fulfil Brexit and remove Britain from the jurisdiction of the European Court.

Following her sacking from the role of Home Secretary, Suella Braverman chastised Sunak for “betraying” the country by failing to take the necessary steps to enact the Rwanda policy, while suggesting that the globalist leader was either “incapable” or more damningly that he “never had any intention of keeping” his promises to the public.

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