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Michoacan cartel

GRAFICO: Narco-Terror en Michoacan,19 Muertos en Tres Dias por Lucha de Carteles

MORELIA, Michoacan — El terror se ha esparcido en la zona rural de este estado conocida como “Tierra Caliente” ya que en menos de tres días se han encontrado 19 cuerpos, 14 de los cuales fueron decapitados y descuartizados. Autoridades del Estado de Michoacan han tratado de disminuir los hechos tratando de decir que son hechos aislados.

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GRAPHIC: Narco-Terror in Southern Mexico — 19 Dead in 3 Days

Terror is spreading over the rural area of the state now known as “Tierra Caliente” or “hot lands.” In three days, cartel gunmen have murdered 19 victims — 14 of those victims were beheaded and dismembered. Authorities in Michoacan tried to diminish the raging violence by claiming the murders are isolated incidents. The violence began over the weekend when suspected members of the Nueva Familia Michoacana (New Michoacan Family) kidnapped and murdered Alonzo “Papas” Renteria Andrade. The murder victim is the brother of the now jailed kingpin, Ignacio “Cenizo” Renteria Andrade.

Michoacan cartel

Mexican Army Captures Knights Templar Cartel Boss

Mexican authorities captured the top leader of the Knights Templar Cartel after a brief firefight in the Mexican state of Michoacan. The kingpin was previously arrested in 2016 with more than two dozen gunmen but bribed officials to secure a release.


Mexican Governor Accuses Mayor, Cops in Mass Murder Case

The governor of the Mexican state of Michoacan has singled out one of the mayors in his state, several local police officers and one state cop as being responsible for the murder of several victims whose bodies were incinerated.