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Now 14 Known Slaveholding Ancestors of Ben Affleck Throughout the South

Recent research published by the Daily Beast on Tuesday suggests that Benjamin Cole may have been a slaveholder but not a slaveowner, a distinction that may not seem to be a difference to those of us in the modern era, but which would have been significant back in the 1850s. Still, the bottom line on Affleck’s great-great-great grandfather Benjamin Cole is this: he was a slaveholder in 1860, and may have been either a slaveholder or slave owner in 1850, and possibly both.


Ben Affleck Has Another Nine Slaveholder Ancestors From Throughout the South

The relative ease with which Breitbart News was able to find these nine additional slaveholding ancestors of Ben Affleck calls into question the integrity of the genealogical research undertaken on Affleck’s behalf by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, executive producer of the “Finding Your Roots” series.


More Trouble for PBS: Affleck’s Mother Says She Was Never a Freedom Rider

PBS documentary Finding Your Roots, already under internal review over claims it censored information about Ben Affleck’s slave-owning ancestors out of a recent episode, has again come under fire for inaccuracies after Affleck’s mother denied she was ever involved in the 1964 Freedom Summer.


Ben Affleck and Henry Louis Gates Revising History of How Star’s Slaveholding Ancestor Was Edited From PBS Program

Hollywood movie star Ben Affleck and Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates continue to revise recent history in their public statements surrounding Affleck’s successful pressuring of Gates, executive producer and host of the PBS series “Finding Your Roots,” to remove any mention of his slaveholding ancestor, Benjamin L. Cole, from the “Roots of Freedom” episode that aired on PBS in October.


Affleck Reveals Name of Slave-Owning Great-Grandfather

Ben Affleck revealed the name of his slave-owning great-grandfather on Wednesday, a day after saying he regretted asking producers of a PBS documentary to edit any mention of the ancestor out of a documentary television show.


Likely Suspect for Ben Affleck’s Ancestor Owned 25 Slaves in Georgia

Breitbart News has tracked down one likely suspect for the slaveholding ancestor Ben Affleck wants to disown. It may be Benjamin L. Cole of Savannah, Georgia. In 1850, Benjamin L. Cole owned 25 slaves, according to the Chatham County, Georgia Schedule of Slaves enumerated in the 1850 United States Census.

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