‘All Lives Matter’ vs. ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Dueling LAPD Protests

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department on Sunday to stage an “All Lives Matter” rally in support of police, who have come under increasing criticism from the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Los Angeles and around the country. A small “Black Lives Matter” counter-demonstration gathered opposite.

All Lives Matter Rally (@LAcycleHELPER / Twitter)

Vallejo, CA Residents Rally for Police

In Vallejo, CA, roughly 30 miles north of San Francisco, roughly 60 demonstrators rallied Saturday in support of their police officers, according to the Vallejo Times-Herald. The police supporters met in front of the Vallejo Police Department, holding signs emblazoned with messages such as “police lives matter.”

Vallejo Police Department delegation to funerals of NYPD officers Rafael “Ralph” Ramos and Wenjian Liu (Facebook)

Silent Ferguson Protesters Block Downtown St Louis Street

Only the sound of footsteps were audible as protesters marched down the streets of St. Louis past City Hall with duct tape on their mouths in silent protest over the police-involved shooting deaths of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York . Activists got loud, however, as they ended up down at the landmark St Louis Arch, flooding the entrance to the Visitor’s Center chanting, “FTP, F**k the Police” and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”

AP Photo

Oakland Police Blast ‘Politicians and Media Pundits’

The Oakland Police Officers Association has joined police unions in San Francisco and San Jose in condemning recent violence in anti-police protests across the Bay Area and the nation, singling out “politicians and media pundits” for their “vilification of front-line public servants.”

Oakland Ferguson Protest (AP)

Should Bill de Blasio Resign?

It is difficult to imagine that New York City mayor Bill de Blasio can continue governing after he has lost the confidence of the police department in such dramatic fashion. On Saturday, police officers staged a silent protest by turning

NYPD officers turn their backs on De Blasio (Screenshot / YouTube)

A Nation at War with Itself, Crying out for Leadership

Six years ago, Americans elected Barack Obama the first black President of the United States. It was a sign–not that racism had disappeared from our country, but that race was no longer an impediment to the highest possible achievement. Obama had