‘All Lives Matter’ vs. ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Dueling LAPD Protests

All Lives Matter Rally (@LAcycleHELPER / Twitter)
@LAcycleHELPER / Twitter

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department on Sunday to stage an “All Lives Matter” rally in support of police, who have come under increasing criticism from the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Los Angeles and around the country. The protestors wanted to show solidarity with police after the assassination of two New York Police Department officers earlier in the month in apparent revenge for the deaths of unarmed black suspects in several high-profile incidents.

A small “Black Lives Matter” counter-demonstration gathered opposite the “All Lives Matter” protest, and LAPD officers made one arrest, taking a counter-demonstrator into custody after a scuffle between the two groups. “I think it’s racism, they came over here to target black people. They’re arresting me because I’m black,” he told CBS Los Angeles as LAPD officers placed him in handcuffs. Off-duty officers joined the “All Lives Matter” protest, which included black demonstrators in their ranks.

Image: @LAcycleHELPER / Twitter

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