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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Seven Reasons Obama Is Wrong About the Geneva Convention

To Obama, the Geneva Convention applies to stateless terrorists–who are not parties to the convention, and are not lawful combatants–but not to U.S. sailors captured and detained by Iran at gunpoint

US Sailors Iranian Video ABC News

5 Lies the Obama Administration Told to Defend Iran’s Humiliating Seizure of Navy Sailors

Barack Obama has a history of humiliating photo-ops associated with his full-blown Radical Islam Denial Syndrome: the burning consulate in Benghazi juxtaposed with Obama partying it up in Vegas with Beyonce; the dead bodies of ISIS-slain Parisians juxtaposed with Obama telling the world that ISIS could be fought with a climate change summit; corpses in San Bernardino juxtaposed with Obama simultaneously telling a national audience that ISIS was contained.