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Greece Considers Extending EU Austerity to a Decade

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Lawmakers in Greece started a four-day debate Monday on whether to approve a new package of spending cuts that will extend the number of years Greeks have lived under austerity to more than a decade. Amid


Greece Calls on Germany to Ease Budget Demands

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece’s government has called on Germany to drop what it described as “irrational” budget demands in the country’s bailout program, a day after Greece and its European creditors agreed to resume talks on new reforms.

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IMF Funds ‘Not Necessary’ For Greek Bailout: Tsipras

IMF funds are no longer necessary for an international bailout of Greece due to reduced loan requirements and the Washington-based lender’s “unconstructive” position, the country’s prime minister argued Monday. “I have the impression that IMF funding is not necessary” for

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Germany Profited €100 Billion From Greek Debt Crisis

Between 2010 and 2015 Germany profited from the ongoing Greek debt crisis to the sum of €100 billion, according to a new study. The billions consists of money saved by lower interest payments on funds the German government borrowed amid investor “flights

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Yanis Varoufakis: Europe Must Reform Or Face Destruction

Speaking of an EU coup in Greece, Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has warned Europe will no longer exist as a monetary union if it fails to reform. In a recent interview he also accused the architects of the new

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Greek Bailout Deal Nobody Believes Will Work Approved By Parliament

In the early hours of this morning Greece’s parliament passed the austerity measures demanded by its creditors in order to open talks on a new Greek bailout. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, deserted by many in his own Syriza party who believe the


GREECE VOTES: Some Of Today’s Twitter Reaction And Analysis

The Economist Intelligence Unit has pinned its colours to the mast: The EIU forecast victory for the “No” camp as soon as the referendum was called. We are sticking to that call. — The EIU Europe (@TheEIU_Europe) July 5, 2015

ATHENS, GREECE - JULY 5: An Orthodox priest puts a referendum vote in the ballot box at a school on July 5, 2015 in Athens, Greece. The people of Greece are going to the polls to decide if the country should accept the terms and conditions of a bailout with …

Greece will Never Run out of Money–It Will just Print More

Greek voters headed to the polls Sunday to decide their country’s cooperation with the terms of an international bailout. The truth is that Greece has actually been in default of its debt obligations for more than half of the last two centuries.


GREEK REFERENDUM: How Should Today Work?

Greece’s referendum day is upon us. After five long months of bitter debate with creditors and one quick week of frantic campaigning, the Greeks are now voting. Up until the close of campaigning the left-wing government urged voters to reject the bailout deal that had


CONTAGION: Greek Crisis Spreads With Shops Now Accepting Bulgarian Money

Side-effects of the euro crisis are spreading beyond Greek borders into Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. Once seen as their poverty-stricken northern neighbours, Greeks are now looking to Bulgaria for some relief. Euobserver reports that with Greek banks closed and the state in

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China ‘Willing to Play a Constructive Role’ in Keeping Greece in the Euro

As talks between Greek officials and members of the IMF and European Union approach their conclusion before a potential exit of the Hellenic nation from the eurozone, Chinese officials are suggesting they could play a role in helping Greece pay back its debts. The Greek crisis has negatively affected the Chinese economy, which has invested millions in Greece.

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EU Makes Last-Ditch Bid to Save Greek Bailout

This article originally appeared at Reuters: EU authorities made a last-minute offer to salvage a bailout deal that could keep Greece in the euro as the clock ticked down on Tuesday, with Germany warning that time had run out to