hammerhead shark

Mako Shark Goes Berserk at Sea

A mako shark gave four men on a boat the show of their lifetimes when it was caught on the end of one of their hooks and jumped out of the water for about 20 minutes as it vigorously worked to free itself.

Mako shark (Screen shot / Facebook)

Snakes on a Beach Courtesy of El Niño

Deadly sea snakes showed up this week on a California beach for the first time in over thirty years thanks to warm El Niño waters. Ana Iker was walking down the Silver Strand beach in Oxnard on Thursday with her

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Hammerhead, Great White Sharks Haunt California Beaches

Several dangerous shark encounters off California’s coast this past weekend prompted closures at beaches in San Diego and near Morro Bay after a group of kayakers captured footage of their encounter with a hammerhead shark, and one woman had a great white shark bite a chunk out of her surfboard.