Top French Weatherman: Sacked For Skepticism; Hired By Putin

The top French weatherman who was sacked from his state broadcaster for speaking inconvenient truths about the non-existence of “man-made-global-warming” has taken exquisite revenge on the alarmist establishment: now he’s got a new job broadcasting from the Kremlin’s propaganda arm, pouring

Philippe Verdier FR2

French President Told Israeli PM Netanyahu Not To Attend Paris Rally

French President Francois Hollande told his counterpart, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, not to attend the Paris rally in the wake of the jihadist attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish market last week, for fear that the Israeli PM’s presence might upset those troubled with his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


France’s Elite Anti-Israel Hatred Fueled Muslim Antisemitism

On Sunday, at the Grand Synagogue in Paris, some of the loudest applause at a memorial for four Jews killed by Islamic terrorists in a kosher supermarket came when one of the speakers reminded President François Hollande that there is no difference between “Death to the Jews!” and “Death to Israel!” For years, the French elite has pretended it can tolerate the latter without encouraging the former. That attitude is what allowed French antisemitism to flourish like an evil weed.

AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani