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System Error: UK Government Admits it is Powerless to Deport Foreign Criminals

The British government has admitted it cannot deport thousands of foreign criminals who refuse to fill in the paperwork necessary for their extradition. The situation has become so desperate that the Home Office is considering offering offenders early release from their prison terms if

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Christians Hold Peace Vigil In Bradford For Persecuted Ex-Muslim

Bradford, ENGLAND – Around 60 people gathered outside Bradford Town Hall in the driving wind on Saturday afternoon in support of Nissar Hussein, a Christian ex-Muslim who was brutally beaten outside his home by Muslim neighbours in November. His attackers believe he is

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London Police Chief Calls For More Armed Officers

The number of armed police officers trained to deal with terror attacks in London is to increase by a third in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, with the total number eventually doubling, the head of the Metropolitan Police

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