Independence Referendum

Iraq Cuts Kurdistan Air Links with Outside World

The Iraqi government cut autonomous Kurdistan’s direct air links with the outside world indefinitely on Friday, partially isolating the northern region after it voted a massive “yes” in an independence referendum.


Kurdish Opinion Piece Embraces Independence: ‘We Must Learn from Israel’

The Iraqi Kurdish people, in their ongoing fight to become a sovereign nation, “must learn” from the similar history of suffering and persecution experienced by the Jews as they struggled for international recognition as a nation-state, argued a Kurdish author in an opinion article Monday.

Iraqi Kurds protest and wave flags of their autonomous Kurdistan region during a demonstration to claim for its independence on July 3, 2014 outside the Kurdistan parliament building in Arbil, in northern Iraq. The Kurdish leader, Massud Barzani asked its parliament to start organizing a referendum on independence. AFP PHOTO …

Spain’s Catalonia Announces October Independence Vote

BARCELONA (AFP) – The leader of Spain’s Catalonia region, where a separatist movement is in full swing, on Friday announced an independence referendum for October 1 in defiance of Madrid. People will be asked to vote on the question: “Do


Sturgeon Insists: Independence Will Happen

AFP — Separatist leader Nicola Sturgeon on Saturday said her belief that Scotland will become independent was stronger than ever as she confirmed preparations for a second referendum for leaving Britain. The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader, first minister of