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A new study shows China and South Korea most prepared for deployment of 5G, or fifth generation wireless networks, followed by the United States and Japan

U.S. Takes Third Place in Race for 5G Wireless, China in the Lead

A new report from telecommunications research firm Analysys Mason judges the United States to be in third place for the race to establish a nationwide 5G wireless network, lagging behind China and South Korea but just ahead of Japan.

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Obama on Massive Cyberattack: ‘We Don’t Have Any Idea Who Did That’

The search for perpetrators of last week’s massive cyberattack has begun. While President Obama said “we don’t have any idea who did that” in a talk-show appearance on Monday, Director of National Security James Clapper stated on Tuesday that preliminary evidence suggested it was not the work of a hostile foreign government.

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Forbes: Israel Set to Become ‘Internet of Things’ Powerhouse

TEL AVIV – According to an article in Forbes, Israel is set to become a powerhouse for innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. The author, Eyal Bino, a co-founder of the first NYC-based accelerator for early-stage Israeli tech

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Silicon Valley AgTech Deals Double in First Half of 2015

Silicon Valley and other tech center start-ups raised $2.06 billion in “agtech” venture capital in the first half of 2015 to develop apps and devices to help farmers manage the four-year-old drought.


‘Internet of Things’ is Exploding Across California

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) incorporates a dynamic array of technologies that mobilize sensors to monitor environmental conditions and radio-frequency identification RFID tags to facilitate objects interacting with users. California, with its high-tech industry, will lead the nation in IoT deployment.

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Dumb VC: Homejoy Charges $19 an Hour, Loses $12 an Hour

Uber is now valued at almost $51 billion, a valuation that puts the “on-demand mobile service” (ODMS) leader at the level of Facebook in 2011. The company’s fund-raising success has spurred a vast number of “Uber for X” start-ups that are building corporate empires with legions of outsourced contract workers. But the “gig economy” seems to be operating the same money-losing business model as the “Dot-com Bubble.”