Poll: 3 In 4 Say We're Getting Ruder

WTXF: The results comes after three high-profile cases of rude behavior, including; Serena Williams’ on-court outburst at a line judge; Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards; and Congressman Joe Wilson shouting “You lie!” during

Meet the Cry-Wolf Racists: Dowd, Garofalo, Carter

What do actor/comic Janeane Garofalo, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and former President Jimmy Carter all have in common? They commit racism in the name of fighting it, but still expect to be taken seriously. In short, their grasp

Kanye West Doesn't Care About White People

On television, how often do you see the Heartland, the South, or innocence portrayed as positive, or as the innocent victim of thuggery or artistic elitism gone awry? If I told you that it happened over the weekend, would you

'NewsBusted' 9/15/09 — Comedy News from the Right

[youtube qAMxa9sGljM nolink] In this episode, “NewsBusted” covers: 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Bush, Cheney, President Obama, Green Czar Van Jones, Obama Speech to School Children, GM, Chrysler, California Wildfires, Congressman Joe Wilson, Obama’s Health Care Speech, Associated Press, Katherine Heigl, Margaret

Kanye West Vs. Joe Wilson

Some listeners to my Barely Legal Radio Program are asking me if Taylor Swift has a defamation case against Kanye West for his recent actions against her at the VMA awards, and if Barack Obama has a defamation case against


I’m lying in my Tiffany blue bedroom, in the dark, listening to the President tell lies. He’s so good at it, that he is smiling and lots of people are clapping. He says, “Public Option. No one will have to