French Policewoman Among Four Arrested for Aiding French Deli Jihadist

Amedy Coulibaly

A French Policewoman and four others have been arrested on suspicions that they were linked to Amedy Coulibaly, the jihadi gunman who carried out an attack on a Kosher supermarket in Paris in January.

French officials said one of the men who was arrested, and was only identified as “Amar,” had close links to Coulibaly. His girlfriend—the policewoman who was also arrested—reportedly was suspended from the police force after viewing her boyfriend’s criminal file, the Daily Mail reports. The officials had no further details about the other two individuals in custody.

France’s Le Figaro reported that the policewoman, who has been identified only as “Emanuelle,” was suspended in early February. They also found that she worked at Fort de Rosny-sous-Bois, which is located in northeast Paris, where the police intelligence center is located. Reports indicate that Emannuelle converted to Islam two years ago and did not disclose the information to fellow officers.

Amar, who is purportedly the main link to Coulibaly, was already in custody on drug charges, according to reports. The Independent reports that officials are trying to determine whether Amar was an essential part of the terror network or simply a means to acquire weapons.

On January 9, Coulibaly stormed into a Paris kosher supermarket and killed four Jews before he was subdued by police. The day before, he killed a policewoman. Shortly after the attacks, a video surfaced of Coulibaly pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. Coulibaly also claimed that he coordinated with the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists who committed mass murder at the offices of Charlie Hebdo.


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