Krystal Ball

Jonathan Allen: Hillary Wanted to Hide Her E-mails

Bloomberg News DC Bureau Chief Jonathan Allen expressed doubt that Hillary Clinton had a private e-mail account for convenience on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Cycle” on MSNBC. After anchor Krystal Ball pointed out “she is not planning to turn over


MSNBC Host: GOP Has Taken Place Of 'Jim Crow'

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball “Fifty years ago, the March on Washington focused on ending Jim Crow, a disgusting villain that hid behind the law to deprive people of their votes and sometimes their lives. Fifty years later, we have no Jim

MSNBC Host: GOP Has Taken Place Of 'Jim Crow'

Progressives Are Always Right Because They're Progressive, Duh

In response to MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Thinks That’s Exactly Right: Yes, Krystal Ball believes progressives are always right by virtue of the fact that they are progressive.  Remember her rationale for supporting Obama’s drone policy even though she wouldn’t support

MSNBC's Krystal Ball Thinks That's Exactly Right

I’m filing this under “Culture” because there is no specific category for “Dumb.” Enjoy the Free Beacon’s SuperCut of Krystal Ball stating that everything an MSNBC liberal might say is “exactly right.” Or Absolutely Right. Sometimes she changes it up

Good Drones/Bad Drones

In response to “Good Hate” Goes Unnoticed in Sweden, Just as it Does Here: John, your post reminded me of the profoundly flawed reasoning behind MSNBC’s  Krystal Ball’s recent  defense of Obama’s drone policy. She dismissed the notion of liberal

Male Abortions? (With Bonus 'Red Eye' Podcast)

So, here’s the greatest thing I’ve ever read. A lady named Lori, writing over at Feministing blog, says she just attended a panel on “transfeminism,” where one speaker says we should stop thinking of abortion as a women’s issue. Okay!

Krystal Ball, HuffPo Cry 'Sexism!'

By now I’m sure everyone is familiar with Democratic congressional candidate Krystal Ball’s reindeer games (NSFW photos here). Now Ball has a missive up at the Huffington Post comparing herself to Hillary Clinton and bastardizing history on why Bill Clinton