Good Drones/Bad Drones

In response to “Good Hate” Goes Unnoticed in Sweden, Just as it Does Here:

John, your post reminded me of the profoundly flawed reasoning behind MSNBC’s  Krystal Ball’s recent  defense of Obama’s drone policy. She dismissed the notion of liberal hypocrisy on the issue, knowing full well that libs would go ballistic if GW Bush were behind such a policy. 

“How would you feel about a Madeline Albright panelabout women and body image?” Ball asked hypothetically. “Now, how do youfeel about the Larry Flynt panel on women and body image?”

do you feel about your kid in Dr. Ruth [Westheimer]’s sex-ed classversus Todd Akins?” Ball continued. “Do you feel different about WarrenBuffet setting standards for financial ethics versus Bernie Madoff?”

“Of course you do, because you’re normal,” Ball declared.

voted for President Obama because I trust his values and his judgment,and I believe that he is a fundamentally responsible actor,” she added.

Ball made her value judgement based on “goodhate.”  It’s right and good to hate and distrust a Republican Presidentif you’re “normal” aka liberal.