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Report: Iran-Backed Militias Persecuting Christians in Iraq

Iran-backed Shia paramilitary forces operating in northern Iraq have been accused by a Kurdish parliamentarian of engaging in “flagrant injustice” toward Christians in the region which until earlier this year was in the grip of ISIS terrorists.

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Kurdish Leader: Kurds ‘Revising’ Ties to U.S. After Trump Refused Support

The Trump administration’s opposition to the independence referendum approved by northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has prompted the Kurds to consider “revising” its mutually beneficial relationship with the United States, according to the region’s former president.

Hezbollah fighters take an oath during a parade to continue the path of resistance towards Israel.

Hezbollah Takes Credit for ‘Our Victory’ Against Kurds in Iraq

A senior leader within the Iran-backed Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah has described the invasion of Kurdish-held Kirkuk, Iraq, as “a victory over the U.S. and Israel,” referring to the attack as “our victory” specifically.

Kurdish peshmerga forces, show here voting in last month's independence referendum, are reported to have blocked roads from other parts of Iraq to the autonomous Kurdistan region

Iraqi Kurdistan Warns Iraq Planning ‘Major Attack’ on Peshmerga

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which voted to secede from Iraq last month, warned on Twitter Wednesday that Erbil had intelligence that the government in Baghdad was planning a “major attack” on its military, the Peshmerga, in the disputed region of Kirkuk.

Iraqi Kurdish protesters wave flags of their autonomous Kurdistan region during a demonstration to claim for its independence on July 3, 2014 outside the Kurdistan parliament building in Arbil, in northern Iraq. The Kurdish leader, Massud Barzani asked its parliament to start organizing a referendum on independence. AFP PHOTO / …

Turkey Warns Iraqi Kurdish Referendum Risks ‘Civil War’

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey warned Wednesday that plans by the leadership in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region to hold a referendum on independence could lead to civil war, in Ankara’s strongest warning yet against next month’s poll.

TOPSHOT - An Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighter, next to an Iraqi Kurds flag, holds a position in Sheikh Ali village near the town of Bashiqa, some 25 kilometres north east of Mosul, on November 6, 2016 during an operation against Islamic State (IS) group jihadists to retake the main hub …

Iran-Allied Militia Attacks Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq

A group affiliated with a predominantly Shiite paramilitary force backed by Iran and legally operating as a component of the Iraqi military has reportedly bombed Kurdish Peshmerga positions in northern Iraq’s Sinjar region, Rudaw reports.

A Shi'ite fighter stands on top of a vehicle at a check point near Bartella, Iraq, November 21, 2016. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Kurds Protest Report of Iran-Allied Shiite Militias Seeking Base in Iraqi Kurdistan

Fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), an Iraqi state-sponsored umbrella organization of mostly Iran-allied Shiite militias, have established a presence in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region with the ultimate purpose of erecting a base there, Rudaw has learned from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

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Iraqi Kurdish PM: Military Action Against Kurdish PKK Terrorists Possible

Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said in no uncertain terms that his government would consider deploying its Peshmerga soldiers against members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), who have refused to leave Iraq’s northern Sinjar region.

Trump Flags Thumb Up

Iraqi Kurds Reach Out to President-Elect Trump, Urge Support for Peshmerga

Various officials from the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq have reportedly congratulated Republican Donald Trump for his U.S. presidential election victory, noting that they hope he will boost American support for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and its Peshmerga troops.


With Aid Groups Focused on Mosul, Iraq’s Yazidi Islamic State Victims Feel Forgotten

Members of the Yazidi minority community in northern Iraq, targeted for genocide and sexual slavery at the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), feel abandoned by humanitarian groups and governments that have shifted their attention to the growing number of displaced persons escaping the Iraqi city of Mosul, reports Rudaw.

2866425 06/03/2016 A checkpoint of the Kurdish Pershmerga crossed by Sunni Arab refugees fleeing from the ISIS occupied territory towards Kurdistan, near Kirkuk. Dmitriy Vinogradov/Sputnik via AP

Iraqi Kurds Eject Sunni Arabs from Kirkuk After Suspected Islamic State Attack

Authorities from the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq have reportedly forced about 250 displaced Sunni Arab families to leave Kirkuk after Sunni sleeper cells were accused of helping Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadists carry out an attack in the Kurdish-controlled city.

A US soldier from 1-501 Para-Infantry Regiment take up positions moments after dismounting of a Blackhawk helicopter at a drop zone south of Baghdad as part of Operation Gecko, 24 August 2007. Operation Gecko was launched as part of a US military strategy to partner with Iraqi Sunni volunteers, former …

U.S. Troops ‘In Harm’s Way’ Supporting Liberation of Mosul, Iraq

WASHINGTON, D.C. — American troops, including some who are embedded with advancing forces, are “in harm’s way” as they collaborate with troops from Iraq, the Kurdish Peshmerga, and Iran-linked Shiite militias in the fight to retake Mosul from the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), according to the Pentagon.