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Unfit For Purpose: Corbyn Driving Labour Voters Away From Party

That didn’t take long. Jeremy Corbyn’s honeymoon with Labour faithful has already turned sour with almost three in four voters now thinking he looks anything like prime minister material. A survey of 2,000 people conducted by The Independent newspaper found that Mr


Labour Faces Divisions Over New Leader Jeremy Corbyn

LONDON, Sept 13 (Reuters) – Britain’s opposition Labour Party must unite behind new leader Jeremy Corbyn, his deputy said on Sunday as he revealed his own differences with his new boss over issues such as defence and foreign policy. Left-wing

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UK Labour’s Leadership Vote Closes With Corbyn Favourite

Voting ends Thursday in the leadership contest for Britain’s main opposition Labour party after a campaign dominated by the shock popularity of radical left candidate Jeremy Corbyn, who looks set to win. Corbyn was attracting 53 percent support from those


Farage Gatecrashes Labour Hustings

Last night Nigel Farage gatecrashed the Labour hustings to press the leadership hopefuls on how the party of the proletariat could possibly still claim to act in the interest of working people. The UKIP leader also said he gave his