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Unfit For Purpose: Corbyn Driving Labour Voters Away From Party

That didn’t take long. Jeremy Corbyn’s honeymoon with Labour faithful has already turned sour with almost three in four voters now thinking he looks anything like prime minister material. A survey of 2,000 people conducted by The Independent newspaper found that Mr

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Labour Faces Divisions Over New Leader Jeremy Corbyn

LONDON, Sept 13 (Reuters) – Britain’s opposition Labour Party must unite behind new leader Jeremy Corbyn, his deputy said on Sunday as he revealed his own differences with his new boss over issues such as defence and foreign policy. Left-wing


UK Labour’s Leadership Vote Closes With Corbyn Favourite

Voting ends Thursday in the leadership contest for Britain’s main opposition Labour party after a campaign dominated by the shock popularity of radical left candidate Jeremy Corbyn, who looks set to win. Corbyn was attracting 53 percent support from those

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Tory Mayor Wannabe Warns Of Jeremy Corbyn Capturing The ‘Zeitgeist’

Tory MP Zac Goldsmith, frontrunner in the group seeking the Conservative London mayoral nomination, has warned the “glee” of his party colleagues at the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour Party leader is “totally misplaced”. He said Corbyn could somehow capture the “zeitgeist”

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Socialist Jeremy Corbyn Storms Ahead in Labour Leadership Election

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn MP has stormed ahead of his rivals in the latest YouGov poll just days before the ballot papers go out to decide Britain’s new opposition leader.  New research has found that Corbyn – the darling of

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WATCH: Labour Leadership Candidate Stars in New Apple Advert

Losing Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall has released a new video entitled “An Open Letter to the Labour Party,” asking for people to support her over the insurgent socialist Jeremy Corbyn. With ballot papers going out to Labour members this

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1,000 Far Left Infiltrators Weeded Out of Labour Leadership Vote

A thousand far left infiltrators have been barred from taking part in the Labour leadership election, throwing Labour headquarters into chaos. The infiltrators are mainly members of alternative left wing parties or trade unionists. The party had already tasked 48

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Farage on Corbyn: I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself

Nigel Farage has today written for Breitbart London, setting out how he believes and establishment attack on Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn may help the man cruise to victory. Farage – who is no stranger to establishment attacks himself –


Farage Gatecrashes Labour Hustings

Last night Nigel Farage gatecrashed the Labour hustings to press the leadership hopefuls on how the party of the proletariat could possibly still claim to act in the interest of working people. The UKIP leader also said he gave his


Comrade Corbyn ‘On Course to Come Top’ In Labour Leader Race

Jeremy Corbyn is leading the first round of voting in the race to become the new Labour leader, private internal polling seen by the New Statesman has revealed. The hard left veteran and Islamist sympathiser who supports a “soviet style planned

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Labour Divided Over Benefit Cuts As Leadership Debate Lurches Left

Acting party leader, Harriet Harman, has said Labour should “listen” to the electorate and “not oppose” Tory benefit cuts. Activists and candidates in the leadership race – apart from unpopular Blairite Liz Kendall – have reacted with revulsion to the