Farage on Corbyn: I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself

Labour leadership contest

Nigel Farage has today written for Breitbart London, setting out how he believes and establishment attack on Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn may help the man cruise to victory.

Farage – who is no stranger to establishment attacks himself – compares the onslaught against Corbyn to the backlash against him in both 2014’s European Elections, and 2015’s General Election.

It brings to mind a recent conversation with a young, conservative in Washington, D.C., who commented to me how Corbyn’s Labour leadership could spell the end for the party.

Not so.

I remarked a few weeks back how Corbyn would take up the mantle of the Labour leadership. Much like Donald Trump is taking up the cudgels of conservatism. Not by design, but as a necessity. No Tony Blair or Barack Obama would or could win the 2020 British General Election, or the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

As per the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day; at this point, anything different is good.

So what’s Nigel getting at when he compliments Jeremy Corbyn as a socialist? Surely Nigel hasn’t gone all lefty on us?

Obviously not.

He’s talking about authenticity and conviction.

Some Tory sympathisers think it’d be hilarious to have Corbyn at the despatch box in his donkey jacket, waxing lyrical about Marxism. I think it’d be dangerous, and scary.

Because Corbyn is a good orator. He knows what he stands for, and he’ll go to hell and back to prove it.

He may not prove it to you and me – but we’re hardly his target demographic, are we?

In the meanwhile, “Nigel from Kent” might be worried that if indeed Mr Corbyn does have his very own Clause Four moment, it’d be about immigration.

If Jeremy Corbyn manages to convince the leaders of the Labour unions that actually, wages are being compressed because of Britain’s open borders with the EU, and he manages to make them let him do an about-face on the issue – it may well be curtains for UKIP.

There’s a massive, especially Northern, working class vote out there just begging to vote UKIP between now and 2020 inclusive. I certainly hope they do. But for the time-being, it looks as if UKIP may now have its first, real fight on the (real) left of British politics.

Whatever you do guys, pick your spokesman well. A hoity-toity London liberal just ain’t gonna cut it.


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