For the Left, Lives Matter Less Than Talking Points

The problem with the brand of totalitarianism today’s post-Obama Left has embraced is that when everything, everything, is politicized, nothing really makes sense any more. Every word is freighted with layers of political meaning by activists who know their power derives from controlling speech, and thought itself. You can bet every big Democrat politician will now think long and hard about daring to suggest “all lives matter.”

Former Gov. Martin O'Malley (D-MD) (R), and moderator Jose Antonio Vargas (R), listen to Tia Oso, the National Coordinator for the Black Immigration Network, during an interruption to O'Malley's speech, at the Netroots Nation 2015 Presidential Town Hall with at the Phoenix Convention Center July 18, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. …

Why Is America Moving Left?

Statistics from the most recent Gallup poll indicate that Americans’ moral views have become increasingly liberal over the past 14 years, with U.S. citizens tending to approve of behavior they would have deemed immoral or sinful just a generation ago.

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Gallup: Social Liberalism On The Rise

A left turn? The percentage of American who say they are socially liberal is equal to the percentage who identify as socially conservative for the first time since Gallup began asking Americans to describe their social views in 1999.

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The Nuclear Option: Liberal Utopia Failed in Baltimore

All the mayhem unfolding in Baltimore is nothing short of an unspeakable American tragedy. Laid bare are the failures of cradle-to-grave social policies held so dear by politicians in both parties, but embraced and celebrated most lustily by Democrats.

Guts and Garland

If more Americans had the guts of Pamela Geller, every city in our country would be holding their own Mohammed Art contest next weekend.


The Left Is Tired Of Persuasion

Liberalism doesn’t have anything exciting or new to offer – even its plans for the Internet are drawn from 1930s telephone legislation. Yet the left has been very successful at imposing its ideas despite the clear will of voters – and reversing its policies will be difficult.

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Creepy Joe Biden and the Privileges of Liberal Aristocracy

It’s far from the strangest or most offensive thing he’s ever done, but for some reason the spectacle of Vice President Joe Biden getting “handsy” with freshly-minted Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s wife Stephanie was the straw that broke the camel’s back for a few people on the left.

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Media Gushes over Departing Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart announced Tuesday that he will be leaving The Daily Show he has hosted on Comedy Central since 1999. The reaction from the media has been a gushing geyser of praise and, occasionally, an acknowledgement that his comedy mostly appealed to the far left.

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‘Reformocons’ Struggle to Define Their Movement As Something Better Than Capitulation To Liberalism

The “Reformocon” movement won’t gain ground unless it realizes that the market is the best way to help people. The poor don’t need handouts from a more efficient version of the Mommy State to “reap the benefits of competition” – the incredibly low cost and high quality of the goods and services they enjoy, from inexpensive and abundant food to the low-cost shopping experience of Wal-Mart, have done more to improve their lives than easily-abused Big Government welfare programs.


Civil War Brewing for the Cultural Left

It has often been remarked that the right won the economic arguments of the twentieth century, while the left won the culture war. Although Thatcher and Reagan succeeded in their quest to overturn the postwar economic consensus and undermine the USSR,


Brandeis Student Journalist: ‘Selective Outrage’ on Campus, Students ‘Intimidated,’ ‘Shamed Into Silence’

A Brandeis student who reported on the anti-police tirade of one of the school’s student leaders says the ensuing attacks he has endured have led him to the conclusion that the university’s actions have invited a culture of “selective outrage,” in which the expressed prejudices of the left are protected, while opposing views are portrayed as hate speech and quashed through intimidation.


Salon : Bill Maher ‘2014 Villian’ for His Views on Islam

Background: Bill Maher has forged his reputation on an outspoken brand of progressive views that blurs the lines between comedy and outright prejudice. He speaks often about freedom of speech, to the point where he even defended Donald Sterling’s right to privacy after his racist remarks were publicized. But that’s why he’s featured here.

Bill Maher via Breitbart News

Maher to Berkeley Grads: Avoid Groupthink! Fight Climate Change!

Comedian Bill Maher delivered his long-anticipated and controversial speech at the University of California Berkeley winter commencement on Saturday–and it turned out to be a rather conventional liberal address. Though much debate surrounded Maher’s views on Islam, he largely avoided the subject, instead telling

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