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Leftists Attack Christian Leader on Louisiana Floods

Liberal secularists are attacking national leader Tony Perkins for trying to make sense of the Louisiana floods from a biblical perspective, after Perkins and 80 percent of his Louisiana church members lost their homes to those floods.

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GOP Lawmaker to Cajun Navy: Get a Permit Before Helping Flood Survivors

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – A local beloved rescue crew dubbed the “Cajun Navy” made up of citizen heroes who saved hundreds of residents during Louisiana’s unprecedented flooding disaster could soon find that in order to rescue neighbors, they will need a permit.


Texas Border Cops Volunteer to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

EDINBURG, Texas — Law enforcement officials from this border region are coming together to help their fellow officers that have lost their homes to the flooding in Louisiana. Over the weekend off duty law enforcement officers started a collection drive to

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Kirstie Alley Rips Obama For Golfing During Louisiana Floods

Actress Kirstie Alley lambasted President Obama on Friday for golfing during his annual vacation in Martha’s Vineyard this week while thousands of displaced Louisiana residents continued to languish from the devastation wrought by deadly flooding that has rocked the state.


‘Cajun Navy’ Organizes Rescue Efforts in Louisiana Floods

A collection of Louisiana residents equipped with smartphone apps and personal watercrafts have built an auxiliary force to help local law enforcement perform recovery and supply runs to neighbors in need amid historic floods.