America on Verge of Zika Pandemic; Aerial Pesticides Next

With the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issuing their first warning for Americans to avoid travel to an American neighborhood, the U.S. is on the verge of a Zika pandemic that may soon require extreme measures, including aerial pesticide spraying.

The Associated Press

More Calls For Using DDT to Control the Zika Epidemic

Zika is primarily a mosquito-borne virus that is very difficult to detect in most human carriers, currently impossible to cure, spreading very rapidly, and believed to increase the risk of birth defects when contracted by pregnant women.

Reuters/Pilar Olivares

Thousands in Guinea Refused Medical Care for Malaria Fearing Ebola Quarantine

A new study has found that, in addition to causing thousands of deaths and continuing nearly unabated in parts of West Africa, the Ebola virus has resulted in at least 74,000 cases of malaria going untreated, with those infected too fearful of being quarantined for Ebola to seek medical care.

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