Madrid Buses Ban Men ‘Manspreading’

MADRID (AP) — If you’re taking a bus in the Spanish capital, be sure to keep your legs to yourself. Madrid authorities on Monday started putting up signs banning the practice of ‘manspreading’ — opening one’s legs so wide you

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Manspreading, Hangry, Grexit And Brainfart Join Oxford Online Dictionary

News on manspreading from Reuters: Aug 27 (Reuters) – Feeling hangry? Can’t find a seat on the subway because of manspreading? Annoyed by people butt-dialing you? All three slang words officially joined on Thursday in a quarterly update of popular


Campaign to Stop ‘Manspreading’ in SF

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) plans to poll its riders about the practice of “manspreading” to see if the SFMTA should intervene and ban the practice. “Manspreading” occurs when men spread their legs wide while sitting on public transit, barring someone from sitting comfortably next to them.

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James’s and Milo’s Year In Liberal Stupid, Part Two

MILO: “manspreading” Proof positive of the tragic–well, sort of tragic–demise of feminism in 2014 was the “manspreading” debacle at the end of the year, in which feminists claimed that men sitting with their legs too far apart on public transport