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Vulgar Texas GOP County Chair: ‘I’m Donald Trump on Steroids’

“If the Republican Party wasn’t just doing damage-control at the national level this week, a number of local elections also threw-up terrifying results. Just look at Texas,” cracked John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. Oliver then pinpoints to the vulgar, newly-elected Travis County, Texas, GOP chair who calls himself “Donald Trump on Steroids.”


Texas Education Board’s Super Tuesday Nets a Grab Bag of Results

On Super Tuesday, a grab bag of candidates faced off in primary races across Texas to clinch their party’s nominations for State Board of Education (SBOE) slots. Some ran unopposed while others won outright. A few races will go onto the May 24 run-off election.

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3 Texas Republicans Vie for State Education Board Seat of Outspoken Thomas Ratliff

Three Republican candidates vie for their party’s nomination for State Board of Education (SBOE) District 9, the East Texas seat long held by Thomas Ratliff (R-Mt. Pleasant). Ratliff currently serves as vice chair and is oft times, the reputedly outspoken voice on the Texas SBOE. He was first elected in 2010 and is not seeking re-election.

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