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11 Chinese ‘Maternity Tourists’ Charged After Fleeing U.S., Owners Still Free

Federal arrest warrants were issued for eleven Chinese nationals last week, targeting clients of so-called “maternity tourism” businesses who had fled back to China after being ordered to stay in the U.S. as material witnesses. None of the the owners of the three maternity tourism operations raided in early March have yet been charged for any crime, according to the Orange County Register.

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Women Busted in ‘Birth Tourism’ Raid Vow to Stay in USA and Fight

After having been busted for a scheme to have U.S. citizen babies here, Chinese women are fighting to stay in the country despite allegedly committing visa fraud.ving been busted for the practice, they are fighting to stay in the country despite allegedly committing visa fraud.

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Expert: American Babies ‘Status Symbols’ for New Chinese Elite

Pregnant Chinese nationals have reportedly been coming to the United States for decades in order to give birth and claim U.S. citizenship for their children. Many newly-rich Chinese have done so not only to secure the benefits and protections that come with U.S. citizenship, but also, according to court documents and media reports, as a show of wealth and status.

‘Maternity Tourism’ Company: ‘Parents to Get the Green Card’

Court documents related to warrants for the raid Mar. 3 of “maternity tourism” scheme Starbabycare and several other such enterprises in Southern California detail translated portions of that company’s website, which state that the company had served 8,000 pregnant women since 1999.

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‘Maternity Hotel’ Customers Still Likely to Give Birth in U.S.

Pregnant women from China discovered in California “Chinese birthing houses” could likely still give birth in the U.S. during the course of a massive investigation into multiple “maternity tourism” schemes. “Birth tourism” operations bring pregnant women into the U.S. for the purpose of giving birth on U.S. soil, giving their babies U.S. citizenship.

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