Chinese ‘Maternity Hotel’ Clients Skip Out on Potentially $10M+ in Hospital Bills

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa
AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

Among the numerous allegations facing “maternity tourism” company You Win USA, targeted among other companies in a federal raid last week, is the accusation that the company defrauded a local Orange County hospital by failing to pay potential millions in fees, or paying greatly reduced rates intended for indigent or low-income patients.

Warrant documents detail:

Customers of Chen and Li’s visa fraud scheme have the ability to (and do) pay approximately $50,000 to Chen and Li for their service. However, these customers do not pay the full costs incurred and/orbilled by the local hospitals for performing the births, which often exceed $25,000 per birth. In most cases, Chen and Li’s customers either fail to pay anything or pay a greatly-reduced amount designed for indigent or low income patients lacking insurance, which is often ony approximately $4,000 per birth. During the approximately two years from January 2013 to presents, more than 400 children linked to Chen and Li’s visa fraud scheme were born at just one of the local Orange County hospitals used by Chen and Li’s customers.

If each of the 400 customers paid nothing or the $4,000 minimal rate, the local Orange County hospital would have been shorted $10 million or more in hospital birthing service bills.

Breitbart California previously reported on court warrant documents that detail the wealth of many “birth tourism” customers and the status they enjoy as a result of having “American” children. Several customers of USA Happy Baby, Inc., one of the other targeted companies, were also noted as employees of the Chinese government.

Three “maternity tourism” schemes were raided just over a week ago as the result of a joint investigation involving several federal and local law enforcement agencies.

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