VP Pence Walks Out of NFL Protest to Raise $5M in California

Vice President Mike Pence headed west for three days of fundraising after walking out of the Indianapolis Colts’ Lucas Oil Stadium after several players on the opposing San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the national anthem.

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Senate Bill Cuts One Third of California’s Medicaid Funding

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Los Angeles) has blamed the collapse of the state legislature’s effort to socialize the state’s $389.5 billion in healthcare spending on the U.S. Senate Republicans’ restructure of Obamacare, which threatens to “reallocate” over a third of California’s $82 billion of Medicaid funding to other states.

Speaker Anthony Rendon (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Obamacare Repeal: L.A. County to Lose $7.6 Billion

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted on May 16 to hire a consultant to develop a plan for how to deal with the loss of $7.6 billion a year if Obamacare is repealed.

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AstroTurf the ACA: Californians ‘Rally’ to Save Obamacare

It was no surprise Tuesday when a small group gathered in Los Angeles to demonstrate against President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare — and a smaller surprise still to discover who was present at the rally of about 200.

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California: Gov. Brown Spikes Social Spending as Tax Revenues Plummet

Californian Democratic Governor Jerry Brown reached a final budget deal with the state’s Democrat controlled Legislature that will increase spending on low-income housing subsidies and child care by $400 million, even though California state tax revenues are plummeting.

Gov. Jerry Brown of California September 22, 2015 in Seattle, WA.

Jerry Brown Proposes New Health Care Tax

On Thursday, California Governor Jerry Brown proposed a tax in his new budget that would tax all health plans, replacing California’s current tax that only taxes health plans that participate in Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid plan.

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Citizen Lobbyists Fight Back Against Medi-Cal for Illegal Aliens

The California State Assembly Health Committee passed SB 4 Tuesday on a straight party-line vote, but not without vocal objection from citizen lobbyists. The bill would appropriate $170-740 million annually in taxpayer funds in part to grant illegal aliens Medi-Cal coverage.

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Democrats: $130 Million for Health Care for Illegal Alien Kids

One year ago, thousands of illegal alien children flooded the southern border, creating an acute political crisis for President Barack Obama, and a humanitarian crisis for border states. Now, Democrats in California have struck a new budget deal that will cover the health care of hundreds of thousands of illegal alien children in California, costing $130 million per year.


CA Legislature Offers $1 Billion to Extend Obamacare to Illegal Aliens

The California Senate’s Appropriations Committee passed SB 4 to give health care to all illegal/undocumented aliens. Breitbart News estimates that based on the non-partisan Legislative Analysts’ Office projections, SB 4 will cost at least $1 billion, and the cost will undoubtedly go much higher over time.


Prisoner’s Sex Change Surgery Delay May Still Leave Taxpayers Footing the Bill

$100,000. That’s the prison’s estimated cost of the sex change operation California inmate Michelle-Lael Norsworthy demanded and was scheduled to receive in July before a Thursday court order delayed the first ever prison-paid procedure of its kind in California. But even if he’s released on parole, the taxpayers could still have the privilege of picking up the tab under Medi-Cal, says one bay area legal director.

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California Might be 7th Largest Economy, But is 1st in Poverty

Jerry Brown might try to claim credit for rising employment, home values and personal and corporate income. But California’s growth has been due partly to the importation of impoverished foreign immigrants, driving the state’s highest annual population growth rate in nearly a decade, according to the state’s finance department.

California Tattoo (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Brown’s Precarious Budget Masks Healthcare Costs on Fire

Governor Jerry Brown triumphantly unveiled a record $113 billion state budget this week that increases spending by 5%, with promises to give a boast to K-12 schools, deposit $1.2 billion into the rainy day fund, and make a $1.2 billion debt payment. Yet he barely mentioned that healthcare costs for Covered Care, Medi-Cal and retirees are on fire and are sure to burn down California in the next recession.

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