Mexican Murdered Journalist

Second Journalist Murdered in Mexico During 2019

A lone gunman approached a Mexican journalist in the southern state of Tabasco and shot him eight times before making a clean getaway. The crime is the second murder of a journalist in Mexico in 2019 and the fourth under the administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

2nd Mexican Murdered Journalist

8 Mexican Journalists Murdered in 5 Months

While mainstream media in the U.S. claim to be under attack over memes and the term fake news, eight Mexican journalists have been murdered by drug cartels for doing their jobs. The reporters worked under constant threats and danger due to the instability brought by the widespread presence of transnational drug organizations, commonly known as cartels, and the government of Mexico’s inability or unwillingness to control the violence. Cartels do everything in their power to silence journalists reporting on crime and the corruption that fuels it.

Journalist Protest