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EXCLUSIVE: First Liberty Institute Seeks Justice for Air Force Colonel Targeted for His Faith

First Liberty Institute, a national law firm committed to protecting religious liberty, is taking up the case of Air Force Col. Michael Madrid. He has been targeted by his commanding officer for reprimand involving a closed investigation that cleared the colonel of false claims by a court-marshaled soldier that Madrid had made disparaging remarks about his homosexuality.

Israeli soldiers and police surround the body of one of two Palestinians who were killed after wounding an Israeli soldier in a knife attack before being shot dead by troops, an army spokeswoman said, at the entrance to the heavily guarded Jewish settler enclave of Tal Rumeda in the city …

WATCH: Over 1,000 Turn Out To Cheer Soldier Accused In Hebron Killing

The Jerusalem Post reports: Upwards of 1,000 demonstrators gathered Tuesday outside the Qastina military court to express support for a soldier arrested over the shooting death of a wounded Palestinian assailant last week, in a case that has sparked a

AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar-Singh

WATCH: Elite Israeli Soldier Jailed For Shooting Camel

An elite Israeli soldier has been jailed and demoted after posting a video of himself shooting a camel from his car while driving on a desert road, the army said Wednesday. “A military court sentenced the soldier who indecorously shot