Antifa Berkeley (Amy Osborne / AFP / Getty)

California Legislature Debates Classifying ‘Antifa’ as a ‘Street Gang’

The California State Legislature began debating the question of whether Antifa should be classified as a street gang last Monday, following following the lead of Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin, who criticized “Antifa” after its violent assaults against protesters were captured on video the day before.

Trump supporter injured (Screenshot / Timcast / YouTube)

#NeverTrump Candidate David French: Trump ‘Incites Violence’

Hours before anti-Trump protesters attacked Donald Trump supporters outside the San Jose Convention Center on Thursday evening, potential third-party “#NeverTrump” candidate David A. French tweeted that Trump “incites violence.”

Trump supporter flees (Noah Berger / Associated Press)

Anti-Trump Mob Hunts Trump Fans Like ‘Prey,’ Assaults Police

More reports of assaults and mob violence by anti-Trump protesters on Thursday evening continue to emerge from San Jose, where groups of men attacked Trump supporters emerging from a rally, even pursuing them to their cars in the parking lot. CBS