Twelve Germans Beaten In Random Attack By Asylum Seeker Mob

Police officers secure an area in the centre of Luebeck, northern Germany, where G7 foreign ministers will be received on April 14, 2015. The foreign ministers meet to discuss key global political and security issues ahead of a G7 summit to take place in June 2015 in southern Germany. The …

A total of twelve Germans in the town of Amberg were brutally beaten by a mob of asylum seekers from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan in what has been described as an “orgy” of violence.

The attacks occurred on Saturday with German media initially reporting that nine people had been injured by the asylum seekers but new reports indicate that at least twelve people were beaten by the group of four young men aged 17 to 19-years-old, German tabloid Bild reports.

Reports claim that the group of asylum seekers had spent hours, starting in the evening at around 6:30 pm, roaming around the centre of the town and beating random people who passed by them.

Among the victims of the random attacks was a 13-year-old boy named Nino M. who was kicked in the stomach and a 29-year-old landscaper named Marco S. who was hit in the face by members of the mob.

A 17-year-old girl was also harassed by the group and called a prostitute by the asylum seekers. When the girl’s 17-year-old friends attempted to intervene they were also on the receiving end of violence.

Several other teens claimed that the asylum seekers called them a racial epithet and attacked them with one of the victims saying, “Three of my friends were beaten, I was beaten down and kicked.”

Another victim was pushed down a flight of stairs by the mob and yet another required hospital treatment due to the extent of their injuries. After fleeing the area the police managed to catch up to the asylum seekers with one calling a female officer a “cunt” during their arrest.

Amberg Mayor Michael Cerny, a member of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) took to social media to condemn the violence saying, “Of course, it should not be generalized, but on the whole, these idiots have done a disservice to peaceful and committed asylum seekers.”

The violence echoes that of several other incidents in Germany where migrants have gone on a violent rampage including in Bautzen in 2016 when migrants fought with local Germans. A similar incident occurred a year later in the town of Peine with asylum seekers smashing the cars of locals who eventually confronted them and provoked a riot.

Last year in Duisburg a mob of around 50 men, all from migrant backgrounds, fought each other with various weapons including iron bars and machetes.

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