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Obama Hides Rising Murder Rates, and Hundreds of Dead Americans, in Criminal Statistics

In fact, the murder rate has spiked in Dallas by almost 90 percent during the first five months of 2016, putting the city on track to exceed local murder rates at the end of President George Bush’s tenure. The Dallas increase adds up to roughly 100 additional dead Americans in 2016 — including many African-Americans — compared to 2014, the year Obama began his campaign-trail demand for changed police practices and policies.


‘Evil’ in New York: Ideology Drives Murder and Welfare Up in NYC

In 1993, Rudy Giuliani defeated incumbent Mayor David Dinkins on a tough crime-fighting and welfare-to-work platform. The life-long New York intellectual Norman Podhoretz, reflecting on this moment in 1999, wrote that “neither I nor anyone else ever dreamed that the new mayor — or any other person occupying that office — would be able to turn the city around, let alone that he would do so almost overnight. How wrong we were!”

AP/Craig Ruttle