Israel Constructing World’s Tallest Solar Tower

Eran Gartner (L), the Chief Executive Officer of Megalim Power Ltd, speaks with a Spanish worker in charge of the welders in front of the solar receiver at the construction site of the Ashalim solar tower near the southern Israeli kibbutz of Ashalim in the Negev desert on May 26, …

The Daily Telegraph reports: Deep in the Negev desert in Israel, stands what will be the world’s tallest solar tower. Once complete, the tower will be 250 metres tall and encircled by 50,000 heliostat solar mirrors.

Unlike normal solar panels, these mirrors will reflect the sun’s rays to the tower creating “concentrated solar power”.

According to Israel’s Electricity Authority, the tower will provide enough power for about 130,000 households which is roughly 5 per cent of Israel’s population.

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