Northern Ireland Assembly


Protestant Leader May Step Aside for New Belfast Unity Deal

DUBLIN (AP) – The senior Protestant politician in Northern Ireland has left the door open to stepping aside as part of negotiations to revive the British territory’s unity government with Catholics. Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster said Sunday her


Sinn Fein Seek Boost In Northern Ireland Election

DUBLIN (AP) — The Irish nationalist Sinn Fein party is seeking gains in an early election that could shape the fate of Catholic-Protestant cooperation in Northern Ireland.

On Friday, police in Northern Ireland warned militants were planning to launch attacks marking the 100th anniversary of Ireland's Easter Rising against British rule, a revolt which paved the way for Irish independence

Northern Ireland Voters Put Power-Sharing to Renewed Test

DUBLIN (AP) — Northern Ireland’s voters are deciding who should lead them, an election overshadowed by acrimony between the dominant Irish Catholic and British Protestant parties. Thursday’s elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly will determine which parties on each side