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Beneficiaries of Venezuela’s Socialist Oil Giveaways Champion ‘Non-Intervention’ at OAS

Socialist Latin American nations and small Caribbean island states that benefit from Venezuela’s oil supply have expressed disdain towards U.S.-backed efforts by the Organization of American States (OAS) to find a solution to Venezuela’s political and humanitarian crisis, reminding member states of the international body’s non-intervention policy.

'La Vega' low income neighborhood residents clash with riot police during a demonstration in Caracas on June 10, 2016. Facing mounting pressure from food shortages, looting and increasingly violent protests, Venezuelan authorities on Friday announced the next stage for a recall referendum against embattled President Nicolas Maduro. / AFP / …

Venezuelan Security Head: Chávez Died Months Before Official Announcement

The former head of security for Venezuela’s Second in Command has defected to the United States, accused his old boss of running an international drug cartel, and now claims that deceased dictator Hugo Chávez Frías died months before the official announcement of his death, hidden from the public eye by current Venezuelan leaders who used his name to pass legislation convenient for them under Chávez’s name.

AP Photo/Nicolas Garcia