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Islamic State Targets Gays with Brutal Public Killings

EYHANLI, Turkey (AP) — The Islamic State group, which on Monday called the Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen ‘one of the soldiers of the caliphate in America,’ has a history of targeting gays with brutal public killings.

islamic state

Top GOP Senator Demands Immigration History of Orlando Terrorist’s Family

In a letter to the State and Homeland Security departments, Senator Grassley is requesting information about Mateen’s contacts with law enforcement and travels abroad, including criminal convictions, travels to the Middle East, presence on terror watch lists, and ability to work for a U.S. government contractor.


Orlando Imam: Mateens Were ‘More Aligned with America Than Us’

The imam of the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, where the Orlando terrorist prayed, has said that Omar Mateen had been “very aggressive” as a child, but his family “was very pro-American, that they were maybe more aligned with American than us.”

Islamic Center of Fort Pierce (Facebook)

Israeli Event Planner: Nightclub Security in America a ‘Joke’

TEL AVIV – An Israeli-American who organized a party for fellow Israelis at the Pulse nightclub just one week before the massacre at the popular gay venue said he was shocked at news of the attack but added that the club’s security was “a joke.”