Poppy Harlow

Ann Coulter: No More Mr. White Guy

Can we please, for the love of God, drop the painfully trite, mind-numbing cliche about “white men,” as if somehow their whiteness makes evil even eviler?


CNN Narrows Trump Veepstakes Pick Down to Five

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” publishing executive and two-time presidential candidate Steve Forbes was asked to predict who he thought might be likely pick to be presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump running mate in this fall’s presidential election. Forbes


Marc Lamont Hill Calls ‘The Myth Of The Self-Made Person’ a Lie

“The greatest lie in American history is the myth of the self-made person,” Marc Lamont Hill says. “Nobody makes themselves. We’re all shaped by communities, by people who struggled and sacrificed for us, by governments that offer safety nets. And what Ben Carson is able to do essentially is reject all that stuff and say that I was saved.”

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