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Pollak: 3 Wonderful Green Inventions the ‘Green New Deal’ Would Kill

The “Green New Deal” introduced Thursday by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will not save the planet from its supposed destruction in 12 years. It would, however, harm the environment by banning the three most revolutionary “green” inventions of the last several decades.

First US Shale Gas Arrives In The UK

Britain’s First U.S. Shale Gas Delivery Arrives in Scotland

GRANGEMOUTH, Scotland (Reuters) – Britain’s first shale gas delivery from the United States sailed into a heated European political debate on fracking on Tuesday and immediately ran into its first practical problem – the Scottish weather.


UK To Allow Shale Gas Fracking Beneath National Parks

MPs on Wednesday voted in favour of the use of fracking to extract shale gas under national parks, weakening a decision against fracking in national parks made earlier this year and giving shale gas explorers access to more resources. Britain


UK Needs To Start Fracking Before Touting Benefits – Report

Britain should begin exploratory drilling or fracking of shale gas sites to allow the industry and government to fully assess its economic benefits for the country, a shale gas industry-funded task force said on Tuesday. Britain is estimated to have

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Britain changes rules to fast-track shale gas permits

The British government will give its communities minister the power to directly approve shale gas permits, removing decision-making from local politicians who have in the past months blocked the progress of Britain’s first such wells. In late June, local government

Anti-fracking protesters celebrate a rejected fracking planning application during a demonstration outside County Hall in Preston

BBC Overjoyed at Council’s Decision to Reject Fracking

The BBC has wasted no time expressing its unreserved joy at the news Lancashire County Council has rejected a planning application from Cuadrilla to drill for shale gas near Blackpool. The decision – which appears to be based on little

Halliburton ruffles British shale feathers

Labour Stalls Britain’s Shale Revolution By Introducing Onerous Regulations

The Labour Party derailed Britain’s shale gas revolution last night by forcing the government to amend a new law giving fracking the go-ahead to include onerous regulations. Despite delivering lower energy prices in America, where fracking for shale gas has been embraced, Members of