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shariah law

Russia’s Chechnya Denies Report on Gay ‘Prison Camps’: Gay Chechens ‘Just Don’t Exist’

“More than 100 men” confirmed or suspected of being homosexual in the overwhelmingly Muslim Republic of Chechnya, an autonomous province within the Russian Federation, have been sent to a “concentration camp” where they are being tortured and killed, report various news outlets, citing the independent Moscow-based newspaper Novaya Gazeta and LGBT community activists.

Police detain a gay rights activist during May Day demonstration in Saint Petersburg, Russia, 01 may 2016 (Photo by Valya Egorshin/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Malaysia to Launch ‘Made by Muslims’ Logo

Two Malaysian economic groups have created a new logo to distinguish products made by Muslims from those made by others in order to boost Islamic businesses.

To go with feature story Lifestyle-Malaysia-cosmetics-Islam-halal by Beh Lih Yi This photo taken on 14 April, 2010 shows Muslimah Skincare and Cosmectics Managing Director Famiza Zulkifli (R) posing behind halal cosmetics during an interview with AFP at an exhibition centre in Kuala Lumpur. Entrepreneurs producing "halal" cosmetics say the global …

BBC Says Opposing Shariah Law Is ‘Islamophobic’

The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) – a public broadcaster funded by a “TV licence” fee forced on UK television owners – has declared that resistance to Shariah law is “Islamophobic”.


Yazidi Survivor Warns Islamic State Will Repeat Orlando

A Yazidi woman who survived the massacre of her family and sexual enslavement by Islamic State jihadists told a Senate panel that the terrorist group’s ideology motivated the recent massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, predicting that “there will be more.”

Islamic State jihadis

Egypt Jails 11 Men Accused of Homosexuality

Cairo (AFP) – An Egyptian court has sentenced 11 men accused of homosexuality to jail terms of between three and 12 years, legal sources said. The defendants were arrested in a flat in the leafy Cairo suburb of Agouza in

AFP/Getty Images

Saudi Labor Ministry Publishes ‘Men-Only’ Professions List

JAFFA, Israel – The Saudi Ministry of Labor has published a list of professions from which women are banned. A ministry official told Al Arabiya Online that the list is meant to protect women’s rights and prevent them from practicing