Sharyat airbase

Russian President Vladimir Putin walks before a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart at the Kremlin in Moscow on January 17, 2017. / AFP / POOL / SERGEI ILNITSKY (Photo credit should read SERGEI ILNITSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

Putin: Syria Chemical Attack Was ‘False Flag,’ More ‘Provocations’ Coming

At a Tuesday press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed last week’s chemical weapons attack in the Idlib province of Syria was a “false flag” – a phony operation staged by enemies of Russia and Syria to discredit them. He said more such false flag operations were on the way.

A man holds portrait of Russia's President Vladimir Putin (R) and Syria's President Bashar al-Assad (L) during a rally in support of Syrian regime in front of the US Embassy in Moscow, on October 19, 2012. Moscow has defiantly refused to take sides against Assad, and has slammed the West …

Russia Plans to Upgrade Syrian Air Defenses After U.S. Missile Strike

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Friday that Moscow would “strengthen and raise the effectiveness of the Syrian armed forces’ systems of anti-aircraft defense systems” following the American missile strike on Syria’s Sharyat airbase.

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Turkey Welcomes U.S. Syria Strike, Urges No-Fly Zone

Turkey on Friday welcomed a US missile strike on a Syrian regime airbase in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack, calling for a no-fly zone in the country to prevent further bloodshed.