‘Hundreds Still Missing’ in Massive Migrant Shipwreck off Crete

In one of this year’s worst Mediterranean Sea disasters, more than 700 migrants were aboard a vessel that capsized off the coast of the Greek Island of Crete late Thursday, and despite rescue operations that managed to save 340 lives, hundreds are still missing.


Migrant Shipwreck Off Libya Leaves 7 Dead, 500 Rescued

In the latest tragedy in the Strait of Sicily an overloaded barge carrying more than 500 migrants capsized off the Libyan coast Wednesday, resulting in the drowning of at least seven of the passengers.

Migrant deaths

Twenty-One Migrants Die in Shipwreck off Coast of Turkey

As migration attempts to cross the Aegean Sea into Europe continue unabated, the bodies of at least 21 migrants drowned in a shipwreck were found at dawn Tuesday on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Local news agencies have reported that a

Libya To Italy

Twenty-Two Migrants Drown off Greek Coast in Two More Shipwrecks

A barge carrying 25-30 migrants capsized off the coast of Greece early Wednesday morning, resulting in the death of at least eleven of the passengers, including four children and one newborn infant. Fifteen of the passengers were saved by rescuers


Second Boat Sinks off Libyan Coast, 381 Refugees Rescued

A boat laden with refugees sank Thursday morning thirty miles off the Libyan coast, just 15 miles from where another vessel had capsized Wednesday. In Wednesday’s incident, at least 25 drowned, while in the more recent shipwreck, all 381 passengers were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard.


EU Leaders Called to Summit as More Boats Sink in Mediterranean

Distress calls have been received from at least two more boats in the Mediterranean carrying migrants, with reports of 20 further fatalities, including children. The Italian coast guard is believed to be asking commercial vessels in the area to respond