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Report: ‘One Belt One Road’ Created Major Chinese Immigration Mess in Kenya

Kenya’s The Standard newspaper, which previously exposed outrageous discrimination on the part of Chinese workers in the country towards native Kenyans, reported on Sunday that Kenya has let in at least 5,000 Chinese workers to take jobs Kenyans could easily do — and an untold number of others illicitly using tourist visas to take Kenyan jobs.

One of Kenya's newly acquired standard gauge rail locomotive, carrying Kenyan President pulls into Voi railway station on May 31, 2017 in Voi, during an inaugural ride on Kenya's new standard gauge railway from the coastal city of Mombasa to the capital, Nairobi. Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday inaugurated …

Pentagon: China to Expand Military Bases in Pakistan, Other Allied Countries

China will “most likely” try to expand its military footprint in countries that share Beijing’s strategic interests and have long been considered its ally, namely Pakistan, as the communist country increases its “power projection into the Indian Ocean,” reports the Pentagon in an annual report to the U.S. Congress.

(FILES) China's military shows off their

First ‘Silk Road’ Train From Britain Leaves for China

STANFORD-LE-HOPE (UNITED KINGDOM) (AFP) – The first-ever freight train from Britain to China, laden with whisky, soft drinks and baby products, started its mammoth journey on Monday along a modern-day “Silk Road” trade route.


Chinese President Xi Jinping to Visit Iran

According to a report at Tasnim News, Chinese President Xi Jinping will make his first visit to Iran on January 22, at the invitation of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

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Women Banned from Iran Marathon to ‘Unite Humanity’

Iran will hold its first ever “limited edition” running marathon on April 9 in an attempt to “unite humanity” and improve the Islamic Republic’s image in the West. Women are forbidden from participating.

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China Turns to Islamic Finance to Expand Silk Road

(Reuters) Islamic finance is gaining prominence as a channel for China to expand its economic influence abroad as banks strengthen ties with Muslim-majority countries and Chinese companies start to tap offshore pools of Islamic funds.

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China Could Suffer $1 Trillion Foreign Capital Flight

China’s official foreign capital flight was $300 billion for the year ending June 2015, and it could reach $1 trillion–assuming the People’s Bank of China is even providing reliable numbers.

China Stock Crash (Greg Baker / AFP / Getty)

China Just Nationalized $6 Trillion of Stock Losses

China’s stock market had what traders call a “Dead Kitty” bounce on Thursday as the communist authorities dispatched police and security personnel to “encourage” insider-buying and to arrest short sellers. With the Chinese market still highly inflated even after falling $3 trillion in value, China took action last night to “nationalize” about $6 trillion in losses.

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China ‘Black Tuesday’: Stocks Fall 5%, Despite Suspending 25% of Issues

Despite the Chinese communist government’s efforts to hide the severity of the “Black Tuesday” stock crash by indefinitely suspending trading in over a quarter of the nation’s weakest stocks, the Shanghai B Share Index suffered a 9.1 percent loss, while the Shenzhen Exchange plunged 5.8%.


Chinese State-Run Media Says War with U.S. ‘Inevitable’ in South China Sea

In a move that ties into China’s ambition to rebuild the “Silk Road” trade route and assert maritime dominance, the Communist Party’s Global Times newspaper mused that war with the United States over disputed South China Sea islands was “inevitable” unless the U.S. backed down.


China Seeks to Reshape the World’s Economy with a New ‘Silk Road’

A few weeks ago, Breitbart News took a look at China’s plans to rebuild the fabled “Silk Road” trade route through Asia and Europe. It is an ambitious plan to construct roads, railways, and shipping lanes, potentially consuming a large portion of the construction and transportation capital China has hoarded. Some analysts are skeptical of the plan, believing China is talking a much bigger game than it intends to play.

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Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping Sign Economic and Agricultural Agreements

It is Victory Day in Europe and Russia, but Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese President Xi Jinping instead of celebrating with his World War II allies. The talks include agreements on the economy and energy as Russia continues to suffer under sanctions for the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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