St. Tammany Parish

Missing Texas Girl Found in Louisiana With 3 Illegal Immigrants

MANDEVILLE, Louisiana – A missing girl from the Houston area was found by local law enforcement in southeast Louisiana traveling with three illegal immigrants from Guatemala in a possible scenario where she could have been trafficked.

TOPSHOT - Inmates that are to appear in court for their trial are rounded up at the Quezon City Jail in Manila in this picture taken on July 29, 2016. There are 3,800 inmates at the jail, which was built six decades ago to house 800, and they engage in …

Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder 10 Years Later

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, Louisiana – An illegal immigrant wanted on murder charges was found by local Louisiana police, arrested and subsequently handed over to federal immigration officials.

illegal in st. tammany

Close of Louisiana Early Voting Shows Trump Advantage

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – As early voting concludes in deep red Louisiana, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to have turned out a record number of voters, leaving an apparent advantage over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


Illegal Immigrant Felon Arrested After Louisiana SWAT Standoff

SLIDELL, Louisiana – A convicted felon and illegal immigrant living in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana surrendered to a SWAT team following a short standoff after he assaulted a woman and began shooting an illegal gun at a residence near an elementary school.

Tam Minh Tran

Louisiana Paper Depicts First Responders Handing Blacks ‘Last Rites’

In a political cartoon causing outrage across Louisiana, the Times Picayune published a depiction of police officers handing black Americans their ‘last rites,’ a narrative that is being immediately debunked as first responders rescue thousands in the state amid historic flooding.