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Jeremy Clarkson Chops Off His Own Balls

Jeremy Clarkson has just lopped off his privates in public. It wasn’t an edifying sight. I’m trying to think of an analogy that captures the enormity of what Clarkson has just done. In terms of sheer cringeworthiness, I suppose it would be

Jeremy Clarkson speaks at the Sunset pageant 'The City Salute' hosted by the City of London at St Paul's Cathedral on May 7, 2008 in London, England.

Senior BBC Exec Complains He Cannot Compete With US On-Demand TV

The BBC’s Head of Television, Danny Cohen, has complained that the corporation “just couldn’t compete” with the global financial might of Netflix, losing out on a pitch for what he says was “a classic BBC subject”. Cohen, speaking ahead of the Edinburgh


Jeremy Clarkson Not Racist For Using Term ‘Pikey,’ Says TV Regulator

Despite being forced out of the BBC, open season on Jeremy Clarkson rolls on. The Traveller Movement has become the latest offence taker to bring a litigious grievance against one of the television presenter’s jokes. Ofcom, however, have ruled that his use of the


Clarkson In Reverse Over BBC Appearance

Jeremy Clarkson has slammed the brakes on his planned re-appearance on the BBC since he was fired for attacking a producer who worked on Top Gear. The controversial star was due to appear as a host on Have I Got

Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson AP

BBC Moving to Replace Jeremy Clarkson With A Woman

BBC bosses are determined to replace Jeremy Clarkson as presenter of Top Gear with a woman. Senior executives have already been accused of talking up Clarkson’s fracas with a producer because they wanted to dump him as he is “blokeish

Jeremy Clarkson

UPDATE: Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson May Face Police Investigation

So farewell then Jeremy Clarkson. The Top Gear host and much-loved television presenter will not have his BBC contract renewed. The BBC’s director-general Tony Hall issued a statement to media Wednesday afternoon, saying it was “with great regret that I

Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson AP

Sack Danny Cohen not Jeremy Clarkson

Suppose you were a shareholder in a leading international fast food chain – McDonalds, say – and the company’s new director of products announced that in the nutritional interests of the customers he’d now decided that, for their own good,


Falklands Respond To Argentine Threat With Clarkson Car Sticker

Falkland Islanders have responded to threat of invasion from Argentina by plastering their cars with Top Gear themed stickers. The union flag sticker says “H982 FKL” and “British Forever”, a reference to the car number plate that landed Jeremy Clarkson in

Clarkson Car Sticker