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‘Freedom University’ Offers Courses, Scholarship Assistance to Illegals In Georgia

The state of Georgia does not offer in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants and largely prevents them from gaining admission to the state’s best public universities, but one organization is touting it’s work-around effort.

The organization, “Freedom University” Georgia, calls itself a “modern-day freedom school” that offers “college level classes,” college application assistance, and scholarship help for illegal immigrants in Georgia.

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Amnesty Opponents Say State Senator Barred Them from Public Meeting

A group of activists who allege they were politically targeted and barred from entering a public meeting about passing legislation which would provide benefits for illegal immigrants, have filed complaints with the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing against Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and members of California’s High Patrol.

Ricardo Lara (USDA / Flickr / CC / Cropped)