Silicon Valley IPO Dam Just Broke

Silicon Valley has been suffering a tech IPO drought, but the dam may have broken after data software company Talend, Inc. jumped 42 percent on its first day of trading. Talend raised $94.5 million in its July 29 initial public

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The Bad Guys’ Plan to Destroy Silicon Valley: Demand Profit

In the 1985 James Bond classic A View to a Kill, super-villain Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) plots to destroy Silicon Valley. That was fiction, of course — but this year, tech start-ups have suffered 70 “down-rounds” as venture capitalists have suddenly demanded that companies become profitable.

Christopher Walken A View to a Kill (Hulton Archive / Getty)

Number of VC Deals Falls as Investors Chase ‘Unicorns’

Global venture capitalists invested $56.31 billion in 4,894 deals during the first half of 2015–the lowest number of deals recorded by the Pitchbook blog over a six month period in the last 25 years. The major reason for a smaller number of companies being funded is that venture capitalists are throwing huge amounts of money at a small number of “unicorns.”

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Silicon Valley: Dot-com 2.0 Crash Looms as VC Tech IPOs Dwindle

Earlier this week, Breitbart News broke described how hedge funds paid too much for venture investments and are actually losing money on many public offerings. Now a new report by pitchbook.com called “Are IPO down rounds to blame for dearth of VC tech IPOs?” reveals that the number of venture-backed tech companies seeking to go public is dwindling to a trickle. If the initial public offering (IPO) window closes, Silicon Valley could face a Dot-com Crash Version 2.0.

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