Defending Wimbledon champion Andy Murray (pictured) will retain his world number one ranking if he defeats Sam Querrey in the quarter

After Wimbledon Loss, Tennis Player Andy Murray Again Polishes Reputations as ‘Male Feminist’

British tennis star Andy Murray is again going out of his way to interject feminism into tennis, this time acting as if a reporter was slighting female tennis players with a question asked of Murray after his loss to American Sam Querrey at Wimbledon.

During the post match press conference, a reporter prefaced his question about Querrery’s win saying, “Sam is the first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009.”

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After Dispatching Venus, Serena Williams on Downhill ‘Climb’ Toward Grand Slam

The stupidity or dishonesty of tennis professionals and allegedly serious observers of the sport compels them to comment that the Williams’ way of playing is “muscular,” meaning masculine. This reflects a meanness and envy and mostly an incomprehension of what they are doing. Sports like all other fields are filled with dopes and blockheads. Every once in a while someone comes along and innovates in ways that influence the sport profoundly. That’s the Williams sisters.

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Serena Williams, World’s #1 Tennis Player, Competes for Best in Family

The competitive fury is arguably the Williams’ most characteristically American trait. Legend has it that Richard Williams saw a match on television and was so enchanted by the check presented to the winner that he decided to make tennis number ones of his youngest daughters. The reality is somewhat more nuanced. He said not: “How can anyone do this?” He said: “Why not us?”

Serena Williams of the U.S.A. embraces Venus Williams of the U.S.A. after winning their match at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London

Serena Williams Ousts Sister Venus in Wimbledon Fourth Round

For the past 16 years, the Williams sisters graced the courts of tennis with their unbelievable talent, leaving spectators in awe as the ladies stamp their way in history books. In just over an hour, the sisters left another footprint

Serena Williams Aussie Open Win

Serena Williams Announces Return to Indian Wells

Serena Williams, the top-ranked female tennis player, announced in Time that she will return to Indian Wells in 2015. She boycotted the tournament after 2001, which became a mandatory stop on the WTA tour in 2009, since the tournament director did not apologize for treatment she endured playing there.