War on Drugs

Thousands of Filipinos Arrested in Duterte’s War on Loitering

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs had already been a source of great controversy for years when he suddenly announced a new crusade in June: a war on loitering. Those who fear authoritarian rule were dismayed to discover squads of police combing the streets of Manila each night and rounding up thousands of people who couldn’t provide a good enough explanation for why they were out after dark.

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Duterte Meets Tillerson: ‘I Am Your Humble Friend’

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met face-to-face with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in Manila this weekend, with both expressing solidarity on pressing North Korea for its nuclear ambitions and defeating the Islamic State adherents that are terrorizing the southern part of the Philippines.

When Duterte welcomed Tillerson to his palace on Monday the pair ignored reporters' questions about human rights, and afterwards the Philippine leader insisted the topic had not come up at the talks

Jay Z: War on Drugs an ‘Epic Fail’

Rapper and music mogul Jay Z criticized America’s decades-long War on Drugs as an “epic fail” in an animated op-ed video produced for the New York Times and released Thursday.


Philippines Drug War: 18 Mayors Named on Duterte Hit List Surrender

Not taking the risk that Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte’s vows to kill all drug criminals are empty promises, eighteen mayors and dozens of police officials have turned themselves in to police after Duterte read a list of 150 wanted names in a speech Sunday.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has listed seven judges and over 50 current or former congressmen, mayors and other local officials whom he alleges are involved in illegal drugs

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Blames ‘War on Drugs’ for Inner City Violence

On Monday’s “First Take” on ESPN2, personality Stephen A. Smith attacked former President Ronald Reagan’s “war on drugs,” blaming it for the “frustration” and “violence” of African-Americans and other inner city residents today. Smith, who was originally reacting to the

On Monday's "First Take" on ESPN2, personality Stephen A. Smith …

Study: Drug Use Among Saudi Teenagers Skyrockets

JAFFA, Israel – A new study has shown a sharp increase in drug use among Saudi teenagers, with one in three middle school students and one in four girls of the same age group saying they have used drugs. The

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Sean Penn on His ‘El Chapo’ Interview: ‘My Article Failed’

A preview of an interview set to air on Sunday’s “60 Minutes” that Charlie Rose conducted with Sean Penn was broadcasted on Friday’s “CBS This Morning.” During that preview, Penn discussed his controversial interview with recently captured Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.


Survey: 1 In 4 Lawyers Abuse Illegal Drugs

More than a quarter of British lawyers currently take recreational drugs and nearly 60 per cent said they had done so at some stage in their lives, according to a recent survey of the legal profession and law students. Responding to


‘The Wire’ Creator Demolishes Baltimore Crime Myths Pushed by Martin O’Malley

Just as Martin O’Malley, Baltimore’s Democrat ex-mayor, prepares to announce a run for the White house, he faces devastating and detailed criticism for his role in creating the mess in Baltimore from a noted expert on the city: David Simon, reporter, author, and creator of the seminal HBO crime drama The Wire.

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Gray’s Family Attorney: Whites Use Drugs Discreetly

Sunday on “Fox News Sunday,” attorney Billy Murphy, who is representing the family of Freddie Gray, said the war on drugs is a taking African-American fathers away from their families unfairly because he said, “Whites in this town just like


End Britain’s War on Drugs, Urge Clegg and Branson

Britain should scrap its war on drugs and focus resources on helping addicts, business tycoon Richard Branson and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg have said. Highlighting research which shows no correlation between drug laws and drug use, the pair have

Items found by Montgomery County Deputies. Precinct 4 Constable's Photo.

Holder ‘De-incentivizes’ Cops on Drug War Seizures

Attorney General Eric Holder announced he is terminating the Justice Department’s three-decade-old civil asset forfeiture program called Equitable Sharing that allowed state and local law enforcement agencies to keep 80% of cash, vehicles, real estate and other assets seized under federal drug laws before formal warrants or criminal charges were filed.

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Kid Rock Defies LGBT Speech Police: ‘You Tell Them to Go F*** Themselves’

“I played Barack Obama’s inauguration even though I didn’t vote for him,” said Kid Rock, whose legal name is Robert Ritchie. “I didn’t agree with his policies, but there was an exciting sense of change in the air.” However, he said, “that promise hasn’t been fulfilled, the country is more divided than ever.”

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