Exclusive: Subterranean Warfare Expert Warns Terrorists Worldwide Will Replicate Hamas’s ‘Genocidal’ Tactics if Allowed to Survive

If Hamas survives the current war with Israel, then “they’ve won,” according to retired United States Army Major and urban and subterranean warfare expert John Spencer, who slammed the terror group’s use of “human sacrifice” tactics and warned that if Israel did not completely dismantle the organization then “massive genocidal attacks” and the taking of civilian hostages would be replicated by terrorists across the globe. 

A member of the militant Fateh movement walks along the street January 15, 2005 in Gaza Ci

Exclusive – World-Renowned Expert on Urban Combat: Hamas ‘Creating’ Civilian Deaths to Stir World Against IDF

Despite the “nightmare” of tunnel warfare, the mission being carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) appears “very successful,” though Israel doesn’t have unlimited time, according to retired United States Army Major and urban warfare expert John Spencer, who deemed Hamas an “existential threat” whose strategy is to “create their own civilians’ deaths and get the world to react,” in order to prevent the IDF from eliminating their military capabilities — “and it is working.” 


NATO And Russia Preparing For War

What happens if the decades-long standoff between Russia and NATO military forces GOES from a pseudo Cold War to a hot one? We can gauge that right now as both sides end a summer of major exercises military analysts warn could spark some unexpected

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Hawking & Musk Urge: No War with AI Robots

Elon Musk, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors and the CEO/CTO of Space ExplorationTechnologies, joined roughly 1,000 artificial intelligence (AI) experts, scientists and robotics researchers–including Stephen Hawking–to sign a letter urging the world’s nations to reject using artificial intelligence when waging war.

Hawking and Musk (Breitbart News & Wires)

Breitbart’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka On Future Warfare

What does Future Warfare look like? Does it invoke in one’s mind utilizing the latest technology to defeat our enemies, such as advanced drones, Iron Man-like protective suits, stealth submarines and bombers? Or does it instead involve countering groups like the Islamic State, who espouse a toxic ideology, conducts warfare in a style that grossly violates accepted international norms, and beheads innocent people at will?

Royal Jordanian Airforce F16 Wikimedia